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    Fuel flapper/float question...

    I pulled out the sending unit on my 02 gp1200r to get rid of the fuel flapper. I pulled the center section out first then took out the outer plastic casing second. Afterward, I found what I believe is the fuel float in the tank. I checked the microfiche, but it doesn't show a break down and I don't see any linkage where it connects to (unless that's also in the tank). Any help would be much appreciated!

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    My pickup came out with the float built into the center section. I couldn't see the float but I could hear it move around if I flipped the pickup over. I am mostly sure that the float is supposed to be captured into that center section without the capability of falling out. I only know this because I just put new fuel lines and fuel clunks in my 01 gpr1200 last weekend.

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    Great, thanks. I was leaning toward that myself, but couldn't be sure witout the diagram. Thanks again, bud!

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