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    2004 Polaris MSX-110 compression

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    Hello All,
    I am new to this forum and recently purchased a 2004 Polaris MSX-110 from an auction. It is in good condition with 25 hours. However, the reported compression from the auction company is 120 and 100. I understand the manufacturer specs are closer to 140. I guess my questions are: is this a major issue, should I have the dealer checkout to the compression, should it be water tested for performance before dealer inspection, repair cost? I am hoping I donít have a huge problem that cost a lot if $.
    Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

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    sorry dude, your motor is bad. probably a chip in the piston. Time for a rebuild

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    I would imagine that you have nickasil plating failure in the cylinders and thus the low compression. You can check the compression yourself with a compression tester available from your local auto parts store. Just remove the spark plugs, attached the gauge and crank the engine over without starting it with the throdle held wide open.

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    Thanks for your replies. I was afraid the engine may have to be rebuilt. I will get the tool to check the compression. Does anybody have a ballpark estimate on what would be reasonable cost to pay a PWC mechanic to rebuild the engine?

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    I just did a complete rebuild and it is a time consuming process. The good news is that with only 25 hours you could probably save a fair amount of money because most of the parts could just be reused. If the block needs to be replated, figure $500 +/- for this alone. Labor to pull the motor, tear down, assemble, and re-install the engine will depend on what the mechanic charges. If all goes smoothly, it is roughly 20-30 hours to pull/repair/install.

    If you are really lucky, maybe it is just a head gasket. This is still a pain, but can be changed in about half the time above or less.

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    disassemble and sell all parts get money back start over

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    Does anybody want to make an offer on this 2004 Polaris MSX 110? It has all the parts. I am near Atlanta, GA.

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