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    Search bar/XLT troubles

    Hey sorry for the dumb thread but I'm having issues with the search bar on the site. I just recently aquired two 2002 XLT1200's. One has seen better days cosmetically and has a frozen reverse cable but runs great with 99hrs on it for $3800 with loadrite trailer. The second is awesome cosmetically with 103hrs but ran last weekend and the guy cant get it restarted so he just up and sold it to me for $1700. I'm trying to find a detailed service manual? Does anyone have a link handy since i cant seem to search for it. I'm going to start trouble shooting the non-running one this weekend. I'm guessing its the fuel system since is cranks and has spark. I checked the old plugs and they werent fouled. They were chocolatey brown so it wasnt running rich and wasnt running hot. I still have to check the compression too. Any pointers from someone who has had this same experience.


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    I have one I can send you. Where are you located?

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    60% of the time, it works every time.
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    And there you go. :P

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    Anyone else get that link to work? Because it is not working for me.

    I am trying to see if the reverse mechanism from an 05 XLT will fit my 2000 XLL. Needing to check how it mounts to the hull.

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    The link is good.

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