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    Polaris virage 1200 tx Not firing

    This ski runs like new for about 30 min then just dies. I pulled it over to the bank and pulled the plug and its not firing. If you let it sit overnight it will start working again. Where should I start. I was planning on pulling the EMM off tonight and sending it in to DFI to have it checked. The only problem that I see is it may show to work fine since this problem only occurs when the ski has been run for a while. I was wondering if maybe it could be a bad coil? The guy I just bought it from said he had the stator checked. What would you do?

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    I assume you mean a TXI, not a carb'd TX. I know K447 has been real busy lately. He'll be on sometime and can give more insite to what could be causing the problem on a injected ski.

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    Yes it's a TXI 2001 model Red motor

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    Any warnings on the MFD?

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