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    I would do the straight tube instead for extra strengh, Julio...

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    Thanks Julio, got the coupler that I was waiting on going to put the straight pipe in today

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    Was out for 4 hrs today on the ski and the mods worked a treat, there's some difference in acceleration and in pick up and a very noticeable difference in handling and performance especially going into corners and the ski sounds sweet a really deep sound, all in all these mods are well worth doing was also hitting 88 kms which is 54.6 mph and that was in choppy water too not on glass .....

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    Finished product ....
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    It sounds very cool now

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    Good job

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    Great Job! You can use the the left hand side on the seat latch mount to connect a bracket for the cold air tube. Looks great....add a puke can instead of ruuning the pvc fumes back in to the motor! I made mine from PVC but to find out later you can buy a GO Kart racing puke can on ebay for $15.00.

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    Thanks TXVXrider, I have a piece of packing foam under the filter and I have a Heavy Duty Cable Tie lashed around it and going under the strap that holds the tank in place, its good and solid, Solas Impeller and Hydro Turf Seat Cover next .........

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