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    '96 780 SLT - rebirth

    Well today might be the day - MFD coming home from being repair - new grate coming - new battery, siphoned old gas out & put in new, finally remembered to put kill switch on - it started!! First wash in 18mths, will look a little presentable and playful.

    What else should be done?? it will be the first time to have a tach in 3 years - what should the max RPM be?

    I know some time back the picked for speedo was broken off - anyone got the thru hual parts to repair?

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    This machine, to my knowledge has never had fuel lines changed. Do not think there have been any issues relating to that but with this whole _ _ _ _ gas available. It has caused beyond fits on other equipment. What is the best source for gas line and how many feet are required?

    What kind of project is this? Much disassembly required?

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