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    2000 yamaha gp760 wont start...HELP

    Hey guys,
    new member, and first time jetski owner. Ive always tinkered with cars, motorcycles, and dirtbikes, but never a pwc. i just moved to the fl keys a month ago, and got a good deal on a jetski that needed some work. i figured its a task i handle. anyway, its a 2000 yamaha gp 760, and the guy before me disconnected the oil pump. he told me the last time he rode it, it wouldnt plane, so he took it in, and there it sat for a year... i bought it, battery was dead, tried firing it up, nothing..its cranking, but then i looked, its getting absolutely NO FUEL. theres a primer on the side(not a choke, like the manual says) and even if i prime it, theres no fuel even coming toward the primer thru the line..its as if nothings coming outta the fuel tank..i did notice that there was like NO gas in the tank, so i put like a gallon in there. what do you guys suggest? is the "fuel pump bad"? or is one gallon not enough to get the fuel pump wet so start a primed flow? i did take one side off of the fuel filter and put my finger over the hose, so the carbs ARE sucking for gas...any info you guys can provide would help.thanks!
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    ***fuel pump wet TO start a primed flow**** sorry for the typo

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    If it only one gallon of gas, did you turn the fuel knob to reserve. I'd maybe put in a little more gas

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    You have checked for spark, right?
    Remove plugs and drop about a teaspoon of gas into each cylinder. when you hit start button it should fire for a second or two. Do this three times. If it doesn't stay running after third time I'd say you have a fuel delivery problem.

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    put at least a few more gallons of fresh gas in there. Then try priming it like stated above (with oil/gas sprayed into the cylinders).

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