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    2001 polaris virage TXi Not Firing

    Can someone conect me to a link on how to trouble shoot this problem? I have never done this before and I really need something step by step on where to start and which wires are which. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ok heres where I'm at now please correct me if im wrong. I printed the wiring diagram and this is what I think I should do. I am going to check the wires coming off the stator blk to pur and make sure I have 5.5ohms. Then I would like to check from the cdi to the coil but I cant find what wire to check and what ohms they should read (let me know if you have this information and if this is out of order) then I am going to check from the spark plug cap to the motor and make sure I have 3700,4540,5190. This is where I get confused I guess. If I have the correct readings from the spark plug cap does this mean the CDI is bad (since its not firing) or what if I dont have the correct readings (couldent it still be the CDI since I havent checked the wires from the CDI to the coil?) I am hoping to figure this out this afternoon any help would be appreciated. THANKS

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    First check and make sure you have at least 10.6 volts while cranking the engine coming from the battery. If you do not, either charge the battery or replace it. The engine will not fire if its below 10.6 while cranking. Next, check the voltage on the red/white wire going to the fuel injectors. You should have 20 volts while cranking and 45 or so while the if the engine is running.

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