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    Buying 2000 polaris genisus

    What should I look for when test riding,it has 1oo hours body looks mint
    I have read many negative articles regarding Polaris any advice?

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    When I bought mine I had 3 things I didn't know to look for being it's the first machine I bought.

    There's a seal on the driveshaft that keeps the water out of the hull. Make sure you aren't taking on water when you drop it in. If it is and you can identify that it is that seal it's approximately $100 for a new part (housing and seals). There's a kit you can get as well for it with the seals and bushings for around $30 if you so desire.

    Inside the hull where the Oil sensor sits in the oil tank be sure it's in there nice and snug I had that pop out of there on a windy day and spewing oil all over the inside of the hull. Thank goodness it happened as I was on my way in and I didn't run out of oil in the middle of the lake.

    Out of the water have a look at the impeller to make sure no dings etc on the impeller or inside he pump.

    Mine goes around 55 mph top end 58 on a perfect condition day . It should pop right out of the water without hesitation. For a big machine I was surprised how fast it jumped out of the water. It's very stable and pulls tubes and skiers with no problems.

    There's a guy on these forums named K447 he helped me out a ton when I was running in troubles mostly newbie issues. I'm sure he'll chime in wih more things to look at .

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    Check this out and it should answer most of your questions. K447 put together this info.

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