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    07 ultra 250 exhaust keeps blowing off

    Ok, I recently pulled the cylinder head due to valves not working properly. Got compression back but ski runs for total crap. I rechecked timing multiple times and it looks good. compression is back and even on cylinders. Runs badly. Does not want to idle correctly, thottle response is there but sounds terrible, and dont like anything past 4 to 5k before it want to top out. No error codes are being pulled from the ski. When I try reving it, it will blow the rear water box hose clean off. (the tublular housing that connects to the exhaust), it blows the rear hose off which I would assume goes into the back and thats where it is exhausted at. I figured a blockage maybe? I thought that perhaps that was causing it to run real bad but when the line blows off, it still runs for crap. any ideas? Thanks again, Jessie00721

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    Update: problem fixed. First the exhaust clamp had broken and that caused it to blow off, when I put another one in I could not see it and the clamp used was too big so it blew back off. Proper size hose clamp installed now. The running like crap part was the plugs. Some of them took a crap, new plugs in and she purrrssss like a kitten. Guess you never know when the plugs are gonna go, probably best it has got new ones now. Next time it will be time to take it to the water for another sea trail. Hopefully it is all good now. (knock on wood)

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