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    1996 SL900 Cranks - No Start - No Spark - Test Details inside

    1996 SL900 Cranks, NoStart - No Spark on all cylinders

    I have gone through the tests in the service manual but unable to test the trigger coil effectively (9v test I can see fluctuation but no exact measurement, unable to crank by hand just using the starter & test light method, automotive test light won't pick up signal through spark wire clamp). I believe it is a bad coil as #2 Secondary is Open but want additional advice.

    Here are the test results in Ohms.... (spec)

    Black (stator) to Engine Ground - 1 (0-1)
    Alternator Coil
    Red/Purple to Yellow .8 (.75)
    Exciter Coil
    Black to Purple 1205 (1200)
    Black to Gray 131 (130-13

    Ignition Coil
    Black/White to Yellow/Brown .5 (.35)
    Black/White to Black/Blue .5 (.35)
    Black/White to Black/Green .5 (.35)
    Secondary (6000 to 7000)
    #1 6200
    #2 OPEN
    #3 6800

    Art Nr 553 2 0000 01
    PN 4060137

    Ignition Coil Box
    105 553.03

    Bad Coil?

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    Correction - I rechecked the Cap On #2 and it was 6500

    Any tips on Checking the Triggers? Or assume it is the Stator?

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    Make sure your battery is putting out at least 10.6 volts while cranking. If it isn't you will not get spark on these domestic motors. Does your ski have the ignition update? I'm guessing it doesn't by the part number you gave from the cdi. It should have 4010447 hand written in white or yellow on the cdi if it is the updated version. Check the battery voltage and if that checks out it might be worthwhile to just do the ignition update.

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    Haven't had time to play with it, but I know the voltage was 12.2 static but not sure while cranking. I seen there was an updated CDI box in previous threads as well. Thinking of pulling the cover for the impeller to turn the motor over by hand to check the triggers of the stator. I'll check on the battery voltage while cranking tonight. Overall it's either the CDI or the Stator. Would you recommend replacing the CDI anyways??

    It's not my JetSki but I'll advise my friend on the updated box. Thanks again....and any more advice would be much appreciated.

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    Put a volt meter on the battery while the engine is cranking. if its less than 10.6 volts replace the battery. That is the first thing you have to test. If it passes that test then I would suggest just doing the ignition update.

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    Battery Test passed - 12.34v before cranking / 10.99v solid while cranking
    I'll see if my friend wants to update the CDI. I might try to take the cover off to test the triggers on the stator while I wait for a response or part....

    Thanks again for the advice.

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