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    Coolant hose/ride plate

    I had my coolant hose fall off the ride plate due to the screw clamp breaking. put a new one on today but just want to know how tight i shoul make it. was not sure if i should tighten it alot or if i should just lightly tighten it since there will be a lot of presure in there and if its to tight will the psi just bust the clamp off again? im lost need help!

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    Use a good quality gear clamp to tighten the hose to the pipe coming up from the ride plate..replace both clamps....BUT before you replace make sure the pipes that come up from the ride plate to the hoses are screwed in securely to the ride plate as they have a tendency to leak..Mine did.....


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    ok thanks alot! did it and havent had a problem since

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