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    02 RX problems starting and running

    Just had a complete pump rebuild done got it back and started having problems getting it started for the first time after that it fires right up. Ran for a day next day same starting problem but was acting real rough couldnt get enough power to break plane without stalling then after like 20 min of stalling out and tryin to get running it takes off like a bat out of hell but making a real loud skreeching sound that cuts in and out the only other thing i did was clean the ray valves. Could this be a crab or fuel line problem. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks

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    start with the easiest first:

    -new plugs
    -compression test (if there is more than 10% (i think its 10%) difference between the two-i believe that will be your problem)

    then delve into the carbs/fuel lines, failing that, crank seals

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    Sounds like a jet pump issue. PM me if you need any help

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    did new plugs and fuel filter and checked all fuel lines this weekend now it died and wont start all did a compression test 100 in one and 110 any suggestions?

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