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    Polaris Sltx 1050 1996 no top rpm low power

    Hi i recently bought a 1996 polaris sltx 1050 whit no fire. i put the cdi/stator upgrade kit and now i have fire the pwc start in a second. but when i put it in the water to test it whit the trottle to the top its hard to mayby get out of the water he cant have a good two stroke rpm and power so i put a new carb kit in each carb but the same thing happen the pressur in each cylinder is over 120 i have a good new battery new spark plug new coil i really don't know what is the problem please help me

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    Does the digital display work ?
    Does the red light flash ?

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    No the digital screen don't work so i can't see the rpm, gauge and all this thing but today i try it another time i can now when i put the trottle to max for 10 to 15 second have a rpm and more speed but i lose it when i release the trottle to 1/2 can it be the read valve or someting like this

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    another days of trying i see that the spark plug after a ride are pretty wet like if the pwc want more air i try all lot of trick (remove gaz cap, remove air filter, disconnect tan wire) but noting change the only thing help is if a kick turn right the pwc run better for a time inverse if i kick left run like a cow and the pwc drink alot lot of gaz for 2hour test they cost me 40$ of 91 octane gaz i really dont know what happen in this

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    Was that the Tan wire from CDI to electic board ?
    Try unplugging the MFD,display.
    If not, I think you have carb problems, post some pictures of the carbs.

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    i think your right the carb seem to create some king of mist of gaz when i test outside of the water seem like it dont suck all the gaz but i test the compression pipe (the little tube got from the base of the engine to the diaphragme in)and it look good but i dont have the tool to check the adjustment of each carb could it be this i can send you a video if you give me a mail to send it

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    iM NOW IN TROUBLE LOSE ALL MY FIRE AGAIN i really don't know what happen to my house i have fire when i park it in the garage of a pwc spécialist no fire what can happen

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    My ignition coil is now blower no resistance in all if you have one somebody i really need it the parts number is 4060153 but in my pwc the number is 4010342 i don't no if this cause my probleme mayby the other guy who have my pwc try to fit a bad coil in and told me that new

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