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WetRacer: We heard that you were a former jet-ski racer?
Tony: Hmm…where did you hear that?

WetRacer: We have our sources, maybe some old articles from CT Sports racing from Region 1.
Tony: It was embarrassing. I started out in racing with my Yamaha Waverunner III, and I got my butt kicked out there, in spite of spending $14 grand fixing it up. Way back in 1991 it was huge money to spend $14k on a Waverunner III and I was crazy enough to do it. That thing had everything on it from Coffman’s pipe, total loss ignition, etc. They used to call it the “Flying Waverunner III.” It was fast, but it couldn’t corner worth spit.

WetRacer: Ok, interesting. So did that make you stop racing?
Tony: Nope! By 1992, Kawasaki came out with their 750 SX stand-up. We ran down to Castaic Ski and Sport and bought two of them! One for me and my sister. Mine was built as a limited ski and hers was stock. For the next 3 years I raced mostly region 1 and 2 with CT Sports in California.

WetRacer: How did you do as a stand-up jet-ski racer?
Tony: I actually did ok as a stand-up racer. Toward my last race season, I took first overall in California. Not too bad considering most of the races there were 25 to 55 riders in my stand-up class! Back in the good old days stand-up ski classes were huge!

Wet Racer: Do you have any regrets?
Tony: None. Jet-ski racing was one of the best parts of my life. And now we are involved with the sport on a different level and this feels really good.