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Thread: 20003 xpdi

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    20003 xpdi

    I just picked up a 2003 xpdi this think is nice runs great i paid $2600 did i get a descent deal? Is there any known issues i need to look for? Thanks guys always so much help I love this form.

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    That boat has a third piston in the cases, that powers the fuel injection. Horrible design. When the crank lets go, it makes an expensive mess!!!

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    A well known mechanic whos been workin on seadoos for prolly about 20 years has told me that the DIs are some realiable machines, and the people who say otherwise dont know what they are talking about..

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    Well I already have 2 97 xp's and really didnt want this one but i rode it and that was it i had to have it this thing is fast and handles great almost makes me think theres something wrong with my but so far so good just got home and gonna take it out for a couple hours ill post some pics later

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    Thats a pretty decent price, how many hours?

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    75 hours

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    Well, you will find a lot of DI bashers on the forums, mainly because when something goes wrong it is difficult to troubleshoot. However, they are very good machines when they are running good, start easily, excellent fuel economy. The Candoopro system has given the DYI mechanic the ability to diagnose the computer-based issues, which used to require a dealer visit to diagnose.

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