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    Polaris PWC SLT 750 (CRASH!)

    I've been maintaning my jet ski for a month now... And a few days after getting it running the lanyard safety switch broke. I would not of mind, besides the fact that I was on it when it happened! I was riding with a friend and he decided to lean to a side. Well it almost flipped so we both jumped off and instead of the lanyard cord pulling and cutting off the engine the stupid thing snapped and took off! It ended up hitting some rocks across the lake and then flying up to shore.

    It tore the bottom a bit and got a hole in it. I used a fiberglass patch and patched a bit but water still gets into the inside. It worked for a bit but I think I need another patch.. Any recommendations on anything else to do?

    I'll post picture tomorrow.

    Also anywhere that I can get the purple plastic seal that goes around the outside of the jet ski.

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    if u cant find the leak, take the ski out of the water, let the hull dry then fill the inside with water, then look for the leak, just dont fill it enough to flood the engine or u will have more problems

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    I would get a new hull. To be on the safe side

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