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    93 Seadoo Gtx will not turn over

    I have a 1993 seadoo gtx that will not start. The motor will not turn over when pressing the start button, it does not even make a sound. I know that the motor is not locked up, because I can jump across the starter selinoud and it will turn over, but it will only turn over when the plugs are removed. When the plugs are installed, it acts like the battery is real weak, but battery is fully charged. I am sure that there are two different problems here, I am thinking that both of them is electrical. Can some one please give some ideas on where to start looking. Thank you.

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    Continued Problem

    I have removed both drain plugs from the bottom end of the motor, thinking that there might be some water in there causing too much pressure, some water came out, but did not fix the problem. I am at a dead end, please help.

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    i had the same in my 97 xp . new battery and starter didn't helps .

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    I pulled the starter off and took apart to clean it. After cleaning it, I placed it back in the ski. I was able to get the motor to turn over about 3 full rotations before I let off, but it still seems like it is dragging. Any ideas?

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