1988 Kawasaki X-2. starts and runs good on land even on water but put a load on and not good.... just stumbles along for a bit then might go. try to get going, hesitates stumbles and dies. only likes wide open throttle after really workin it. say you get going 3/4 to wide open then slow to turn... it falls on its face and dies...?? what up.... I have rebuilt the carb sbn 44 mikuni and am in the process of putting stock settings of 120 low jet 115 high jet 1.5 needle jet and a new 115 pop off spring this should be a good start.(is same but had 65 grm spring last test approx 32 pop off press accord to mikuni spec data)

here's what were working with. 650cc riva spark arrestor, mikuni sbn 44, west coast intake, ocean pro head 25cc, stainless header/riser with aluminum exhaust(possibly op or west coast) not sure on pistons as only just retorqued head bolts. pjs ride plate and intake grid, solas impeller. need to know carb set up and mixture screw settings, plug choice and any other info to get me out on the water. thanks