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    Flushing polaris one cyl runs very hot ????

    Is this normal for center to run hot, mag cyl ice cold,pto cyl warm ???I am concerned about this because I just galled the center piston during a hot lap around a lake. The pto cyl showed sign of minor galling on piston. Mag piston perfect. I just did the carbs and a top end kit. It runs great now and did before. Is this a coincidence or normal for reverse flushing to have improper cooling ??

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    No, the cylinders should all be even temp. You may have a blockage somewhere.


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    Center cylinder is running lean, either due to carbs, or case leakage. Welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks for the advice. I hooked a garden hose up to the water inlet as if it was coming from the propulsion unit and it seems to cool more evenly. This makes no sense !! All carbs were just rebuilt . All jugs verified that all ports were open and exhaust manifold is new also.. Is this just normal for this unit to cool different in reverse flushing??
    I heard that if they heat up evenly with no water supply that everything is ok . Is thistrue ??

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    the garden hose may give false readings as the water is usually colder and will definately cool all the cylinders to some degree.

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