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    2005 110 VX Deluxe mod questions (bad hull...wondering about other hulls)

    I have a good lead on a 05 110 VX Deluxe that has a trashed hull. The seller alleges (yes...I know) that the ski is 100% except for the hull and battery and our local shop said he'll run through it for $40 to make sure everything is cool.

    I'm a 2 stroke Kawasaki and Seadoo guy myself and am not familiar at all with the 4 stroke world so I'm wondering if anyone has info on what other Yamaha hulls the guts will plug and play into with the innards of this 05. I'm hoping to pick up something cheap from a bone yard somewhere.

    One thing that I am quite interested in is throwing this into an SUV or LRV hull to get the stability out of the ski for fishing but gain the advantage of the 4 stroke engine. This one may not be strong enough for that barge though at nearly 1000lbs after mod??? Any insight or suggestions for a 4 stroke rookie?

    The ski is going to be $1400 before any negotiations without trailer.

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    That is a good motor, reliable and super good on gas. You can expect to see 52 MPH on the VX hull with very little effort. All yamaha engines are mount comparable there is no mod needed to the mounts, you may however cut some of the fiberglass to gain a little clearance on the bottom of the motor when fitting a four stroke engine into a two stroke hull. Try to find a FX hull to make things easier, Julio...

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    EXCELLENT! I'll start looking for an FX then. Any particular year to stick with, like 2005 or later, or any FX? Thanks for the input. That gives me a ton more confidence on the purchase.

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    Aaaah crap! Turns out this was a recovered ski from a hurricane with no title or ownership rights. Oh well.

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