Doing my research on this forum and working thru all the tests, I've determined my CDI is bad. I have a new one on order and have a couple questions. I know I'll need to verify timing on the new CDI, but I'm a little fuzzy on whether I need verify / adjust timing using the static method, dynamic method or both? Could someone shed some light on this for me?

Also, in arriving at the bad CDI diagnosis.........

No spark with or without bilge pump button depressed

11.4 volts measured on the batt during cranking

Stator - both ohms test and hall effect test were good

LR505 bypass: no spark with or without bilge button depressed

CDI: 12.4 volts measured going in on Red/Purple during cranking; .2 volts on brown wire leaving while cranking.
I also tried to the 9v batt test on the brown wire but still no spark......I was grounding to the grounding bracket inside the box though and not the engine ground.......will retry sometime today or tomorrow.

Am I missing anything?