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    Carb/fuel problems... bog

    Looking for a little insight... I have a 1998 GSX Limited white motor with some mods, R&D head, pipe, intake, and flame arrestors. It had all the mods when I purchased it, but would not turn more than about 5900 RPM. The previous owner replaced the fuel line from the fuel filter to the carbs, but left the other gray lines.
    I've since replaced the fuel lines, minus the return line to the tank, cleaned the fuel selector, and cleaned and rebuilt the RAVE valves. My mods netted me about 250-300 more RPM and a big fat intermittent bog. Under full throttle, most of the time it will peak about 5K RPM until I back off the throttle to 3/4 then it will pick up substantially to 6200 or so. If I hit a wave and it cavitates it will do the same thing. Im thinking that its pig rich and the backing off of the throttle or cavitation allows it to burn off the excess fuel at the lower RPM.
    When it does clean up... it will porpoise and jump completely out of the water at slow speeds. Looking for ideas on where to start. Do I pull the carbs again to check for debris and clean or just go for a complete carb rebuild kit?

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    Update... I pulled the carbs again. This time I checked the valve body side of the rear carb to find a pile of rust along with the lower valve body screw rusted to crap. It was rusted enough to make it impossible to get out. So now I've got to take the carbs to someone to see if they can be salvaged or buy new ones

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