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    96 XP now 5mph slower and..........

    My 96 XP has been running strong all summer until Thursday....
    Ive lost 5 mph on the top end and it doesnt seem to have the same pull it had when landing back in the water at top speed.
    GPS was 55.3mph now I cant break 50.8mph.
    Basically, when I was running wide open and the ski comes out of the water and then lands it doesnt wanna rip out of my arms getting back to top speed.
    Its like its missing the last bit of top end/acceleration.

    When I pulled it out of the water on Thursday and started it to run the water out of the exhaust, it went to max rpm and wouldnt turn off.... pushed the stop button and pulled the lanyard but still just reving out. Had to choke it to kill the engine. (hasnt happened since I cleaned the carb filters)

    The plugs were dark dark brown maybe black (im color blind and the kids said there were black and the wife says dark brown... no pics, ive already cleaned them)
    I pulled the carbs and cleaned the two filters.
    Also did a compression test and was over 150 on each.
    I dont have a tach or know how to hook one up to see how many rpms its running (would like to install one) but I didnt notice a loss in rpms.
    Spark plug gas was .030 (now at .020 per my service manual)
    Rave valves are good.

    I tested it yesterday and no change.

    Besides the above issue, the thing still runs/accelerates/jumps awesome.

    Hope my explanation isnt too confusing....
    Any suggestions on whats going on??

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    Check your impeller and wear ring condition.

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