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    I just got a rxpx back from the shop after getting a new rideplate as well as other work done and now she is overheating. Just wondering if it could have gotten air bound. Coolant level never dropped in the bottle and plate never got warm. We also didn't make it out of the no wake by the ramp before the buzzer went off. When I got it back to the house the bottle had dropped a lot

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    is there any coolant in the hull? try refilling the coolant bottle maybe the dealer or whoever did the work didnt start the ski after and the coolant didn't cycle through enough making the coolant lvl lower?.. just a possibility

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    Did you have the ride plate replaced with another stock one? Could be an air pocket in the cooling system. Let it run in the water with the coolant cap off for a bit (just idle in a circle) that should clear the pocket.

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