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    2002 XLT1200 Rebuild help

    Bought a 2002 XLT1200 for $1700 thursday. Number 3 cylinder had 50 psi in it. Lastnight my buddy and i ripped the engine down to the crank. Number 3 piston was shot. Gouges and grooves all over. Jug has two pieces of the piston welded to its side. Found out the reason was the oil line was blown off the rear carb. The piston and walls were bone dry.

    My questions are:

    1) Who has the most reputable top end rebuild kits? Looking for reliability not big balls since this will be my girls ski. I see pro-x, wsm, sbt, etc. I'm completely new to this sport and from the research i have done i can't tell from one or the other.

    2) Where can I get a rear jug? The PV's and everything just need a good cleaning but i dont think i can get the cylinder honed because of how bad it looks and I dont want to bore it out. I've checked ebay and some dude must be smokin crack if they think someone is dumb enough to pay $450 for a jug with a piston stuck in it.

    3) Is there anything else I should be looking for? We were thinking about sending the carbs out to be rebuilt since i think its a little strange an oil line would blow off like that. If there a check valve in the carb that could clog and cause that? Or is it possibly for the lines to just work themselves loose. The hose definitely didnt not have enough play in it when we reconnected it.

    Thanks for all the help. And just so you know this is my first rebuild for any type of motot EVER and my first set of ski's. There are about a thousand threads similar to this but im on a time crunch and i dont know enough to be flying solo on purchasing parts.

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    First post this in the yamaha 2 stoke section-youll get more replies. As far as answering your questions - there are a lot of variables
    Oil line off-common on these motors. They were not attached well from the factory. All three oil lines need to be reattached while your rebuilding. Some people use saftey wire-I have used thomas and betts zip ties with the metal retaining clip in them in the past-for the past few years ive used clamp on steel O clips-similar to what seadoo oil lines come with.I would definitly rebuild the carbs and check the fuel system for any leaks-leaking hoses-ect while rebuilding. Ski carbs have small micro filters inside that clog very easy and need to be checked-if your not experienced in this-send them to someone who is. Aluminum piston parts stuck to cylinder. Start by getting some muratic acid and a red scotch brite pad and see if you can remove it-the nickasil is much harder than the scotch brite and you wont hurt it unless its already damaged. If you find any scoring of the cylinder it will have to be renickasiled. You have a couple options if your cylinder is bad. Look for a used oem piston/cylinder here in the yamaha classified section-send your cylinder to millineum technologies for repair and renickasiling(and purchase your piston from them to match bore size) if your other cylinders and pistons are in good condition purchase new yamaha rings for them. You will have to get the numbers off each cylinder to decode the factory piston size-do not loose track of which piston came out of which cylinder. 3rd choice is to purchase a sbt top end exchange kit. They supply you with 3 new pistons-rings-sleeved cylinders and gaskets. You send your old cylinders back to them for the core charge. There are good and bad points to option 3. SBT has a love hate relationship with some. People will argue that they sleeve the cylinders instead of renickasiling them which causes loss of heat transfer-poor port matching ect. Some will say sbt parts are inferior to others. This becomes a personal preference as far as im concerned. Ive used several sbt top end exchanges and have never had a issue with them-never. Would I use there parts in a modified ski or my race boat-no-would i use them in a recreational ski-no mods and not being hammered every weekend yes. That part is up to you. There are also so many things that need to be considered. Did the piston coming apart damage the head domes? If yes if may be minor(very minor) and be cleaned up-correctly. If anything more than a ding it needs to be replaced as this will cause hot spots waiting for detonation. You cant just grind away on a head-way to many things to mention that it will mess up. Now you need to split the cases and look for damage to the cases from the piston coming apart-damage to the lower end bearing and main bearings-you not only had these parts moving with no oil feed to them-but you also had aluminum(and most likely sttel ring particles and or pieces) running through them. I own a shop and most rebuilt motors that fail after rebuild arent the cause of the new parts, but rather mis diagnosed or un diagnosed root cause of the first failure and or not replacing all parts damaged during rebuild. If a dirty fuel filter leans a cylinder out to the point of siezure and a new cylinder/piston is installed without rectifying the carb issue-the next one will do the same thing. Post up your issue and where you live in the 2 stroke section. Im sure there will be a forum member with knowledge of the workings of the motor in your area that will gladly look things over for you and give the advice needed in person if you took the parts to them. Most if not all things that need to be checked cant be done without eyes being on them. Hope this helps and you get the ski going soon.

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    i am went thru the same thing with my 01. i had pwc engine resleeve my cylinder and bought a piston kit thru them its not back together yet but i don't have a problem with resleeving cylinders. you have to touch up the ports if you are worried about losing a little bit of hp. i know alot of guys that run high hp high rpm merc outboards with sleeved cylinders. i have two sleeves in my outboard and i beat the snot out of it and no problems. i am going through my carbs and removing my oil injection. you might want to do the same

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    where you located?

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    The converter in the exhaust gets hot and shrinks the oil lines has notting to do with factory build. Replace lines with newer yamaha oil lines, or use a block off kit for oil pump its your call.

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    Converter gets hot is why oil lines come off always killing PTO cylinder. And a lean condition in the carbs also the carbs in XLT 1200 after a period of time need to be rebuilt.

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