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    Question SEA DOO Rxp - ECМ exchange

    I have 2 questions, thanks in advance:
    1. Can I replace the ECM of rxp `06 with ECM from rxP or rxT of` 05 .. And if you can make an exchange, Should we re-training of starting keys ???

    2. why not Never run engine without supplying
    water to the exhaust cooling system when watercraft
    is out of water.And how long can safely run dry without water ?

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    The ECU's are different. The 06 uses a different cluster and the cluster is married to the ECU. On 06 it controls all of the accessories (VTS, Lake Temp, etc..) and on 05 the mpem does this work. While it is possible, it's not very easy and the ECU must be modified.

    You can run for a few seconds without water, but it heats the water used for cooling very fast, you still shouldn't run long with water for the carbon seal gets hot.

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