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    2001 Virage TX 1200cc replaced stator still wont fire

    I ran the ski one day and it just died on me so i got the service manual and tracked it back to a hull effect sensor being bad in the stator with the 9v. battery test. replaced that and now i have spark but wont fire. I thought it might be the battery because the cranking voltage was low 10. I had it tested and they said it was good at 265 amps. I hooked up a truck battery it seemed stronger but still wont fire. Compression is 126 on all three cylinders. i even poured premium in cylinders and you can see smoke out of exhaust but wont fire. verified firing order. Any advice?

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    Check your battery cables connections very well,if you do actually have 200 cranking amps are the cables getting hot while cranking ? Cool cables= bad battery
    Check the starter mounting bolts and surfaces-if all that is good-sounds like you may have a bad starter.

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    okay checked connections. Apparently the ski wounldnt fire cause i had the second resonator off because of the easy access to get the battery on the charger, put my hand over exhuast to create some backpressure and varoom right up... Thanks thou...

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