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    2008 rxp x stage 3 taking on water

    Hi guys I'm new to the site and was wondering if someone out there could answer a question or two for me. I have a 2008 RXP-X with a stage 3 kit bought from jerry last year. My dealer installed the kit and since then I have been noticing alot of water at the end of each ride. Like 4 litres worth after a couple hour ride. I replaced the carbon seal last summer and it seemed to still take on water. I'm now leaning towards where the sealed cap is now over the old exhaust or the block offs? I guess my question is if I take my ski to the lake sit on it with seat off will the carbon seal leak while its not under load if infact it is the seal? Or does the machine have to be running and spinning the shaft for it to leak. I'd like to try and narrow down where the leak is coming from because I ride ocean and worried about splashing water up in the air intake...thx

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    first thing i would do is put it on the hose and make sure the boat isnt leaking from the water cooling for your cooler or exhaust...........then if it doesnt i would remove the cowling and put it in the water not running and float it while investigating it with a flash light and to be honest this will sound stupid but its easier to see where a leak is coming from at night with a light than anytime during the day......last time after i tried both those scenarios i got desperate i went the other way and pulled the motor sealed the drive shaft hole and everything else then put water in the hull and checked the outside to see where it came out at........good luck cause i absolutely HATE water leaks myself..youll get it.....BET!!!!!!!!

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