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    Who does the horrible casting for R&D?

    So in order to get out this season with the new (to me) GPR I needed to go ahead and get an R&D GP800 grate for my '07 1300. I'd like to have the stainless piece, but it'll obviously be a while before that'll be available.

    I just finally took the R&D intake out of the packaging yesterday to discover how poor the quality really is. It's got a giant low spot cast in it which wasn't filled properly. I circled that.

    If you look where the arrows are in the photo, you'll see where it's not even cast evenly. Their center post is off by at least an 1/8" and the pattern of the flat coming into it isn't even, either.

    My R&D ride plate came from Jim, so I didn't see it raw. Does all their stuff come cast this poorly?

    No wonder their stuff fails. I come from the automotive performance world, and this is just piss poor by my standards. I wouldn't sell it, let alone list it for over $100... I see why they package their junk upside-down in the shrink-wrap against the cardboard.

    Anybody on this board work for R&D? If so, would you care to explain why your stuff is so poorly made? I don't have a lot of time to wait for a new piece before I go out of town for my vacation/riding, so I'll have to make this piece work. Good thing I have more resources available to fix this piece than the average enthusiast is likely to have...

    So, I ask again... Who's the poor foundry that puts these out? Is it even in the United States?

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    Nothing new. They have been using the same mold for years. On here, it's known as the Dimple. Type, dimple, into Greenhulk search bar and many threads come up.

    Here's a pic of the 800 grate i bought in 2006 and used until sold in 2009. Same dimple.
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    Swell. Next time I guess I'll just TIG my own up and avoid the casting junk.

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    I recently (3 weeks ago) bought a brand new R&D ride plate - I must say, I was impressed with the quality of it. I couldn't find any flaws and I was looking for them too. From what I've come across, their stuff is pretty good.

    Call them up and tell them how you feel - I'm sure they'll stand behind their product.

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