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    SL750 engine running and shaft isnt spinning

    Hey guys Im new here, just bought a 96 sl750 and has been running great all of a sudden wile putting down the river the engine reved up and heard a loud grouling noise so I shut the machine off and towed it ashore. Once I started ripping it apart I noticed the crank shaft is spinning but the drive shaft dosent spin. Is there a key way or something on the drive shaft that could have broke? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot.

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    Is yours the solid SS coupler or the black rubber dampned one? If it's the black one it may have slipped inside the rubber.

    DO NOT stick your finger inside the coupler. There can be some really sharp metal shards that will stick you.

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    There is a solid SS shaft that is threaded onto the crankshaft and than the drive axle splines inside of that solid coupler. I have taken the drive axle out now and noticed that the splines are mushed but I cant get the coupler off the crankshaft. I have tryed everything, any suggestions?

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    Use a rope or bungee cord to put down the back (PTO) cylinder spark plug hole to keep the engine from spinning. Then put a wrench on the flats of the coupler with a "cheater" extension on it for leverage. It's on really tight.

    Then remove it lefty loosey (normal direction)

    NOTE: you do not want the rope/bungee to go down the cyl ports, so bring the piston close to TDC and fill the void with the rope.

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    thody, did you ever figure out the problem and fix it? The same thing happend to my 95 SL 750 over the weekend so I was wondering what i have to look forward to.

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