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    1994 Waverunner 3 700

    Today I took my waverunner out for a run. It ran fine for about 30 min,once i started it back up it started sputtering cutting in and out . Just got the waverunner and clean out gas , oil , carburetor fuel filter , new spark plugs and filter . Please if anyone has in info on what i can to solve this problem be awesome.

    Thanks Robby

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    not enough to go by ..
    what does it do with a mist of oil fuel mix sprayed in ? does it streighten out?
    was the initial run on old fuel and did it have water in it before changing it?
    are you running premix??
    could it have over heated and gone into limp mode, this can seem as sputtering in and out

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    well at idle speed it runs fine. The first run i made it ran great, lots of power. The waverunner sat for about 20 mins before my 2nd run. Cranked up no problem , pull on the throttle for more speed that 's time it cut in and out. At full throttle it cut out more then at lower throttle. I remove the old gas and oil and clean both tanks out before running it . I tried to spread fuel and still about the same. Am not running premix.After sitting for a good 2 hours it still was cutting in and out at med to full throttle. hope this helps. sorry for lack of info . Am still new to working on PWC and still learning how to work on them.

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    i would say fuel issue

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