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    94 kawasaki 750 xi trim ???????

    I recently bought a 1994 Kawasaki 750 ss xi knowing that the trim was broke. I was wondering if anyone would be able to kind of give me some pointers on how to fix the trim, and how to test to see if there is power going to the motor at all. The trim gauge says that its all the way up. Also i noticed on a few other posts that the trim systems somehow get water into them. I was wondering if this could be fixed by just putting some sort of sealant around the edges of the actual housing before bolting it closed again maybe?


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    The water gets in through the cable that runs out the back by the jet. There is a rubber boot for the 150 ultras that supposedly fixes this problem. I am not sure if it is compatible with your ski, but it was the recommended fix for the zxi's.

    Take apart the box and see if it is corroded. Test the motor to make sure it is working in both directions by directly connecting the solid blue and solid green wires from the motor to the positive and negative ends of the battery. This connection is done after all the control modules as the engine has to be running for these to work. Reverse the wires on the battery to check that the motor turns both ways. If it does not turn while still connected to the worm gear, remove the motor from the worm gear and test it again. If it works off the worm gear, the worm gear most likely is stuck and just needs a good cleaning to free it up.

    the other common problem is the contacts on the switch get dirty. Most people recommend cleaning up the contacts with a pencil eraser.

    There's my 2 cents. Let us know what you find.

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    Thanks i have been wondering what wires to connect to the battery. I got the box free but i cant get it out of the ski since the motor is still in the way, even after taking off parts of the exhaust as well as the manifold so i cant exactly get into the box quite yet. But I did notice that there was a green and a blue wire comming out of the box itself but they both had a white stripe down them. Can i just cheat and hook these up to the battery terminals? It would save me alot of time since i am pretty sure now that i will have to pull the whole motor in order to get that little box out.....
    and thanks again for the help

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    Read this:

    Kawasaki Trim Cable Bellows: 49016-3702

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    the G/W (Green/white) and Bl/W (Blue/white) going into the box go into the control module and then come out and connect to the solid green and solid blue. You need to take the cover off and directly connect to the solid green and solid blue. You do not have to cut the wires to do this. There should be a connector in the box you just unplug and then you can run alligator clips to the battery.

    On my ski (KAW 900 zxi) you have to take the spark arrestor off to get it out and by that point I pull the carb cause its just sitting there and then I have plenty of room. I am not sure how your ski is laid out on the inside though.

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    Well after taking another look at it yesterday i decided to just wait on this project till winter since im going to have to remove the whole motor.

    My box is on the opposite side of the ski under the muffler and sorta tucked in underneath the side of the ski if that makes sense. And then just to make it even more difficult it is held in by Styrofoam which is in the way when your trying to move the box around to get it out.

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    I know this is an OLD thread but has anyone tried the 96-97 trim motor on the old 94 750 ss xi. Looks like it would bolt right up. I know 4 wire vs 2 wire. There a way to override where the engine need to be running if so I think this would work.

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    I really don't know, and I've sold all my 750s. All of mine had 4 wires going to the motor, 2 to run the motor, 2 that went to another set of brushes on the motor that counted revolutions. This was apparently the way they limited travel.

    Have you tried opening up the motor assembly? Very possible that you've just got corrosion inside that can be cleaned up.

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    Thanks for the reply Steve45. I have not jumped on this project yet but will let everyone know what I find. Or what the fix I come up with. Was looking at an SXS set up and liked how far forward the trim motor was.

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