I just picked up a 2003 seadoo xpdi. The owner said that he could not get power and included a spare MPEM with the purchase. He bought this trying to fix the problem but he said it changed nothing. I am getting 12v at the starter solenoid and can jump the posts to get it turn over. I left the key on this morning and today I randomly heard beep beep beep beep. So i went outside and it was powered up! After that i pulled out the key and then no power again. I got to messing with the key and could get it to power up every time when i messed with the key. The start button work and so did the trim switch when the key was working. I moved the ski into the shade and now I have no power again. Does this sound like the DESS post? The only reason I am hesitant to buy a new post is when there is no sign of power. I press the start button 5 times and get nothing. Will the dess post keep this start button from working or the ski getting power? Also I tested the post and It seems to be working according to test specs. Any input would be great. Thanks!