Hi All,

I have just recently purchased a 1998 GSX 951 limited that has had the engine replaced with a 1997 , 787(110 HP) engine.

First time out was a disapointment as it would only hit approx 4800 rpm at wide open throttle and was a complete dog out of the hole and took forever to reach its top speed of 55 MPH.

I should also mention that I cleaned out the carbs, compression check is 130psi per side and the motor runs great

After checking into things a bit I learned the impeller is still the original one for the 951 motor. Its part number is 271 000 654 and is a very weird looking impeller it has a pitch of 9-21.

According to the dealer, the 787 motor should "FLASH" to approx 7000 rpm when full throttling the machine. So this make total sense that I have to much impeller for the smaller motor.

My question is, what impeller should I use for this combo?? It has the 155mm pump housing so there is not many options for an impeller with the 787 motor.

I was reccomended to get the solas st-cd 10/16 impeller as it can be used on a 01-05 720 gti as well and the 04-05 3D RFI 787, and those two are the closest setup to what I have.

Am I going in the right direction here?

One last thing, nozzle size is apparently critical for these as well. my stock nozzle measures 87mm. Do all 155mm pumps have an 87mm nozzle , or is there a nozzle I should get from a different machine?

Im open to any suggestions or reccomendations.