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    2002 Genesis I, Seized Middle Cylinder?

    I have a friend of mine that has a 2002 Genesis I and the center cylinder just seized. He is willing to sell it to me for a really good price. Is it worth the time and effort to replace the top end? What are the common causes for the center cylinder to seize? Don't want it o happen again if I go to the trouble of fixing it. I am only considering it because the ski is exceptionally clean. Thanks Tim C

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    How much is he asking for it? The key would be finding out why it happened, could have been the oil injection line going to that cylinder I suppose. If there is any damage to the other cylinders I would think the oil pump went bad or it was ran out of oil but from what I hear the pumps are pretty reliable. Others will be along shortly that could likely give you more insight as to what could have happened. Pictures would be good if you could post some up.

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    I don't have pictures of the damage, I am currently in NJ and the ski is in Ohio. I was just curious if the center cylinder failure is common. I have read some other threads about the Genesis I and the center cylinder has seized on other skis too. Looking for probable causes. Thanks

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