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    gas cap prevent from starting??

    just picked up a FREE 750ss from my Uncle. It ran last year,,got it home new battery,plugs,oil and gas. Fires with gas directly in carb and i can also blow air into tank with both hoses. Im assuming since the gas cap its rotted, brittle and busted, itll prevent vaccum from pulling gas into carb,,right?

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    Welcome aboard, Bryan!

    Most of these plastic caps crack over time. That can let water leak into the tank. You can buy an aluminum billet gas cap on Ebay for about $20. You'll have to install a chain to keep from losing it overboard.

    Your fuel filter may be plugged, or the filters in the carbs could also be plugged. When storing the 'Ski over the winter, you really need to treat the fuel with StaBil and top off the tank to prevent condensation. Even doing that, the gas can still cause problems in the carbs.

    Another potential problem is the pulse line from the crankcase to the fuel pump may be loose or split.
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    I just had a bunch of problems getting mine started. Found it was two things: blown diaphragms in fuel pump and one of the check valves was not seated properly.

    Here's the link to the discussion:

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    Thanks guys!! after another look at it,,all the stickers and even the plates have 04 on them. imma try your suggestions tonight,ill report back tomorrow! This is my first ski,,so im kinda lost here

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