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    Installed Primers on the Ultra 150 today. Pics inside

    So today I finally installed my primers. It was fairly easy and came out really nice. Here is what I did.

    Ordered tripple primer kit from John Zigler and got 3 feet of 1/8" brass tubing from a hobby shop.

    I drilled out the primer fittings so that the tubing would fit inside and then soldered it in. Then bent the tubing so that it would discharge into the throat of the carbs.

    Then I drilled holes for the primer fittings in the flame arrestor housing and used JB Weld to attach them to the FA case. The front two cylinders enter in the front of the flame arrestor and the rear one in the rear.

    I mounted the primer knob right below the handlebars.

    It now fires up in less than 2 seconds. I recommend all Ultra owners with stock carbs do this mod.
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    That should work! Welcome to the world of instant starting!

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    Nice install but I don't need it.
    Starts instantly if the ski has been run at all that day.
    If it sat for a week, takes 5 seconds to start. Heck even all winter storage it starts within 7 sec in the spring.

    If you have a hard starter, the primer will help. Funny some need it and some don't.
    I still have original battery and starter on a 2000 with over 160 hrs.

    Just don't go prime crazy as your dumping raw fuel with no oil. Should not hurt I hope.
    Personally I want oil as soon as it starts.

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    I am not worried about the oil issue. When you pump the primier, only a couple drops come out. Just enough to fire it. Your oil pump barely puts anything out at cranking anyways, so I don't think it would be an issue.

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    Looks Sweet!

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