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    Question running on 2 cylinders

    hi.. i just bought a 2000 yamaha gp1200r. has between 120-125 compressing on all three cylinders. but number one cylinder is not firing. when running i will take the spark plug wire off cylinder 1 and it will run the same, and when i take the other spark plug wire of cylinders #2 and #3 the engine completely bogs down. when running with water the first cylinder is ice cold, and #2 and #3 are warm, witch leads me to believe there is no combustion in the cylinder. so i check the reeds and all the reeds are fine. next i pulled the carbs off and rotate the throttle and when i do so it is shooting gas out of the jet witch would be shooting it into the cylinder. so i dont understand why this first cylinder is not firing. any help would be greatly appreciated. this thing is driving me crazy! (the ski has the d-plate and temp sensor chip)

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    have you tried new plugs????

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