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    Tree sap on cover

    So I walked outside today to see my 2 week old $270 cover covered in tree sap. Anyone have any suggestions or experience on getting that stuff off or is it pretty permanent. Seems to be pine sap.

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    I'm a tree guy, Own a tree removeal service, Out On A Limb Tree Service LLC, and it may sound funny but try mayo. It will remove pine sap aff hands saws clothes... If it doesn't work you will be the first. Bob

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    I used to live in a house that had a pine tree right under the driveway and my car would always get covered in this crap. Only thing I found to work was Kerosene. Not sure if it would damage your cover though.

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    WD-40 works well

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    Ditto on the above. I've used WD40 as well. Test in a small area first as it may affect the color.

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    I always clean mine with the bleach white stuff for tires it seems to work really well.

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