hi guys,
I took my powershot off my FZS and tried it on my FZR at Lake Mohave this weekend. The only mods on the FZR are a FF Exhaust, R&D intake, Nozzle, and Sponsons. I just wanted to see after all the responses I got what it would actually do. Well, My friend on my FZS next to me with a C1, FF Exhaust, R&D Intake, Ribbon gone, IC, BOV, etc.. The FZR with the powershot was at 1/4 tank while the Modded FZS had 1/2 to 3/4 after the same riding for a couple hours. Oh and there was no real change in the feel. I didn't gps it but I can say it didn't feel any stronger at all after the powershot. Just used a lot more fuel. A LOT more fuel. So thanks to everyone that told me so.. I just wanted to try it out myself. Didn't do an AF read but I think at this rate if I run it for 30 hours I'd probably wash the rings ! heh..