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    Fault Code P0562

    After two hours, my new 2011 RXTx ski spit out a fault code for "Low Battery Voltage" P0562.

    Here are the things I checked:

    - Checked fuses
    - Checked Regulator Harness
    - Checked Battery Leads
    - Charged Battery

    A little history on the Ski. - I just bought it from a dealer with 10 hours on it. It went through the 10 hour check up last week. Everything seemed fine until after the two hours I put on it. Error code kicked in. The ski ran fine. Charged the battery after I got it home. Charging the battery took a while. Original volt reading was 11.6 volts. It took 6 hours to fully charge it with a 15 amp battery charger. Usually takes an hour or less for my other skis. I'm hoping to test it tomorrow to see if the battery holds a charge.


    - Replace battery?
    - Relace Regulator?
    - Replace Both?

    Going on vacation in 5 days. 300 miles away from home so it would suck if I hauled it all the way to NH to find out the regulator is blown... Any sure fire way to test it?


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    Try a new battery.

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    Turned out to be a loose fuse. The charging fuse was loose. Reseated all of the fuses. Went out again today for 2 hours. Voltage on the battery stayed at 13.3 when off and 14 when on. All looks good. Still going to replace the battery though. The stock battery seems like a POS. Sears Diehard? Something sealed?

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    I was getting this code but still charging. Swapped out the voltage regulator and haven't had a problem since.

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    Where is the charging fuse I have the same issue

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