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    RXP-X Noise/Rattle

    I have an 08 rxp-x with 53 hrs on it. The last few times out I heard a small rattle when id first start it but it would go away after a few seconds. The last time out it did the same thing but it was worse. It almost sounds like the engine is spittering/sputtering and vibrating for a few seconds then it goes away. Anything I should be worried about?

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    Check your spark plugs.

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    i would also check your sc mounting screws...the three that hold it in place and the nut that holds the impeller.

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    Ok ill check the plugs and go overr a few things, im more worried about its not a sign the S/C is about to grenade is it?

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    Please check your SC. I heard rattling from my air intake and it ended up being a SC bearing. Better to be safe than sorry.

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    Yeah true enough, ill have to get it checked out for sure. Thanks for the input.

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