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    2000 GPR 1200R issues

    I have owned my GPR since last fall and up until recently have had no issues. Recently it seems to lose power at WOT. It will run 60 something then it slows to 40 something without changing the throttle. After reading about oil lines I took it to the shop. The compression was around 120 for all cylinders. They changed the plugs and gapped them correctly. Picked it up and still have the same problem. I recently was running low on fuel and turned the selector knob to reserve and then back to on after I got gas. It seems that the problems started then. The only modifications I have are a D-plate/chip and impeller. I have not tried moving the selector knob since the problem started but I plan on it. Could this be my problem? Any other suggestions? Thanks!!

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    Sounds like you might have a warped fuel flapper. Pull the fuel pickup out of the tank and take a look at the flapper door at the bottom of the pickup assembly. I had to remove mine recently due to the same issues and have since modified the fuel system to incorporate fuel clunks. Here is a link to the fuel flapper problem,
    Here is another link to the mod that I just did,

    I'm not saying this is the problem, just one easy fix that may solve the issue.

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