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    A few questions concerning low rpms, speedo and starting

    First of all, im new here, I just got a 2000 Rx, and have owned a XPL previous. I'm currently working to get this RX up to standards (mine atleast) from the last owner.

    The ski has 224 hours on it, but surprisingly has good compression. It still has the tempo lines which im going to replace this week and clean the carbs im sure with that much time on these crappy lines its got some build up. it sometimes bogs and surges if held around 3000~rpms. I'm wondering if this will also help the ski start after its been ran for a while. you have to hold it wide open and let it spin over for a second.

    Also, the ski cavitates, i'm sure its a wear ring needing replaced, im also going to do that. any RX specific woes i should look out for?

    Also, the fuel gauge, speedo or shall i say dream-o-meter doesnt work along with the temp reading. I narrowed the fuel gauge down to the baffle, but since the temp nore speedo work, does this mean its the paddle sensor at the rear?

    and last, any other things I should look out for with the 2000 model RX?

    Thanks in advance.

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    defo clean the RAVE valves and change the jet pump oil, wear ring and impellor is what im doing over winter as i had wear ring replaced 28hrs ago.

    also wack in some new BR8ES plugs

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    I put plugs in it the other day, I cleaned the raves last night as I had a bellow come loose. Everything appears to be in good condition just slipped off

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    Well, I cleaned the raves, serviced the pump, and did the wear ring. I'm still down a little rpm but the ski did go 60mph on slight choppy water per GPS. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting WOT as I can push the cabled with my other finger while its wide open and pick up about 40rpms. The best I saw was 6850.

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    Fwiw, I've not done the fuel system yet.

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