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    97 SPX can't figure for the life of my how to install impeller ring with boot


    I have a 97 Seadoo SPX and noticed during some other maintenance that there was no impeller boot on the impeller/driveshaft. I went ahead and bought an impeller boot kit, the one here:

    The issue is, I can't for the life of me figure out how to install the piece on the right. The small end of the boot goes inside the impeller, and the drive shaft slips through the boot and into the impeller, leaving the boot pressed up against the stopper on the driveshaft. I have no idea where that cone is supposed to go though. Does it slip over the impeller boot somehow? Any input would be appreciated, as I plan on putting the entire thing back together tomorrow. Also, there isn't any grease on the splines on the shaft or impeller where the shaft meets the impeller, should I put some grease on them (and if so what kind) or are they fine without grease since they're underwater most of the time?

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    I recently had to change a broken shaft on my brother in laws 97 GTX after his friend sucked a tow rope into the jet pump so I had one of those boots in my hands the other day.Looking at the picture on the SBT website just pick up that steel ring and slip it over the top of the rubber boot with the large side of the ring down.I did grease the shaft where it goes into the impeller.I figured it couldn't hurt.I don't know if you've had the jet pump off before but before you tighten the pump be sure the shaft went into the impeller and didn't miss.I misseed the first time but was able to see I missed through the intake grate.Here is a link to free See-Doo manuals.Look at page 219 and you will see a picture of the boot assembly in the impeller.

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    Thanks, that helped a lot! I wasn't initially able to fit the large side of the boot into the impeller so it didn't make sense to me it would go in that way. I went down and just pushed and prodded and was able to squeeze the large side into the impeller and then slip the ring over the other side. It's going to be a very tight fit over the shaft splines but I suppose that's sort of the point. I'll grease it also just in case. Thanks again!

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    I'm a total newbie to PWCs.I purchased a 1997 XP in May and with all the great imformation I've found on this site through other members experience's and knowledge I was able to take care of a few small problems I've had.So I'm glad to be able to help.

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