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    2011 Grayland Open

    International jet-ski races? They’ve got our support. IJSBA National Tour? You know we’re there. Jettribe may think globally, but we can still act locally. Jettribe is proud to be represented in the 2011 Grayland Open in Grayland, WA on August 6th and 7th. Freeride and Big-Air competitions! Motosurf racing! Some of the gnarliest riding happens right in our own backyard.

    If you’re on the West Coast, come out and support the Grayland crew. For everyone else, go tell everyone on your friends list. Call your half cousins. Tell the mailman…heck, tell your dog too (he’d want to know)! Spread the word, don’t be selfish!

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    I wish I had the money I would like to check it out. Dam the gas prices anyway and the shitty economy.

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