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    5 hours on 300 and already some issues

    Just turned 5 hours on the dash and its back at the dealer. It isnt holding boost it is spiking to 15lbs and then drops off to about 10lbs. It has a huge loss of power but no miss in the motor. It also ate full tank of high test gas in about 15 min of riding. Not sure what is up with it???

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    Have others had issues with the ski not boosting like it should? I seem to remember reading about others only boosting around 13 or so psi?

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    ok guys I could use some help. I got the ski back from the dealer and they claim that they rode it and that there is nothing wrong with it. When I take the ski out and run it wide open the boost guage will max and run up to 15 psi. Then once it gets to max speed (67 on the guage) and the boost drops down to just above 10 psi. The machine only has 6 hours on it. It use to run about 7650 on the tach but now it is hardly turning 7400 on the this stuff normal???

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    i have been reading a little and was wondering if there could be something wrong with the bov. Could it be opening to soon? From what I can see there are two bov's is this correct? There is the one (which is adjustable) on the back of the intercooler and the other one in front of the intercooler (run be vaccum). Is the front one even used at all?

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    dont touch the bypass valve (front one) sounds like its the limiter cutting your speed so the dealer is most likely correct

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    Does the air by pass act the same way as a blow off valve? I am trying to understand why the loss of boost at wot. Should I have to adjust the bov located on the intercooler?

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    i dont understand why the machine is not turning the rpm's it was before. It use to run 7650 and now only runs about 7400 if that.... any ideas?

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    well the dealer said it was ok, but if you want to play around with it adjust the bov on the rear of the i/c a little tighter. check all intake hose clamps

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    any idea why it would only be turning 7400 rpms now? Is this normal in your experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirbreaksalot View Post
    what GPS speed is it doing before you start worring about nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!

    if its doing 68ish , then its normal for a stock ski

    what was the water conditions when it turned higher RPM,
    did you read the dash wrong last time
    rpm = more boost
    speed cut reduces rpm which = less boost incase u didnt know


    GPS the ski
    i dont have the gps speed but it feels the same top speed wise. The dash jumps up to 67 np, but i know that is not accurate. I know i didnt read the dash wrong, in fact it is saved in the console at 7650. I ran it this weekend and was only able to get 7400 out of it, it was over cast and cloudy kinda cool air weather. I am not sure what the weather was like a couple of weeks ago when i ran it; but i do know it was much hotter and sunnier out. I remember because I fell asleep in the sun and got lobster-ed. Maybe I am worrying over nothing, just dont need issues with a brand new machine, and definately dont need to start being beat by my father in laws rxp-215 or his buddies new yamaha

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