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    SBT Pump services

    Hello All,

    My friend needs advise on pump service
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    not only have you blown the pump but im guessing the motor is toasted also. unfortunatley it comes hand in hand, best you measure the crankshaft endplay, you might want to search and read up on all the damage in the performance section.

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    My buddies 250x is back in bussiness
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    Whatever you do , DO NOT TRUST SBT WITH ANYTHING!! They ripped me off for 380 dollars on a "newly remanufactured jet pump" for my 09 15f. I'm posting pictures and a complete write up about their horrible service!! Your better off doing it yourself or getting used, they sent me a complete antique with 6 bad viens, I'm hoping there is not engine damage!!

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    What exactly did SBT's pump do? Do they stand behind any of this like there engine components? $380 seems like an awful lot for a rebuilt pump, my online source quotes about $230 for a new pump without bearings & seals, I just bought a pump rebuild kit from SBT for $70 for my 15f, so for $300 everything new, put your shaft & impeller in & go. If a pump goes bad can you actually damage the motor? I would think that between the alum coupler & bearing would give first, but I really don't know that much about these Kawais yet.

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