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    Carb question waveraider 1100 -96

    Hello ! I have a question about my carbs. I bought a 96 waveraider 1100 and I was rebuild my carbs now I see that I donīt have checkvalve bodys on them. On the fuel line side...
    In the part diagram in the manual I can see them.
    Can i drive whitout it ?

    Sorry for my bad english Iīm from Sweden

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    I have a rebuild pentagon fuelpump located in the rear outside the third carb but i donīt have pump bodys on the carbs. Is it right or should I have pump bodys on the carbs too????? Please help me..Iīm going to tune in the carbs today and I want to know if itīs something wrong before ...

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    this is what it should look like:

    I am not too familiar with the waveraider 1100, but if it was running before you took the carbs apart, I doubt you are missing any parts.

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    Could you send us some pictures?

    And don't worry about your bad English. I guarante you that it is much better than my Swedish.

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    When I look at slothmans picture I see that I have the right parts ..
    Was out and ran It today but I dont sucess with the tuning of the carbs.. It donīt rev up enough just half and when you go from idle to WOT it hersitates a second or two..
    I have turned the high speed screw both in and out and the plugs donīt says much..
    I have no idea .. I have put a restrictor on the fuel return ...

    Thanks for all help guys

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